The value of a mindful web design and its impact on your success

Steve Jobs said: “Design is not just about how it looks and feels. Design is how it works.”

The design of your website should work for you therefore a carefully and accuretely created modern design is important to achieve your goals. A well and thoughtfully designed website can help to create a good impression on potential customers. It needs to create the common picture you want the world to see.
A well created design with professionally balanced content can also help to increase your potential purchases and get more feedbacks from your ads but it is even more important to provide a good user experience and to help your site visitors to access and use your web page with ease.

Using a website also helps to build your company’s image and credibility, better promote it and reach a wider audience.

Let’s look at the most important elements that web site visitors pay attention to:

1. The most important thing is the content of the page: without it any web page is just an advertisement which will definitely not be the best online marketing strategy.

2. Site loading speed.
Studies show that when a page loads for more than 5 seconds, 87% of visitors don’t wait for it to open fully. Time is of the essence, so we recommend to make sure that your first page isn’t cluttered with heavy content: a variety of videos, tables, and banner ads that slow down your page.

3. Convenient, easy-to-read page navigation.
It is important for visitors to find interesting information quickly, so the navigation should be simple, the sections easy to read, with easy-to-understand titles. It should not be too much to avoid confusion. Optimizing the location of the information below sections makes easier for visitors to study the information you provide.

4. Modern design: It is important to keep up with time and the latest web design trends in combination with the most demanded e-commerce solutions.

Our team follows the latest trends in the world of web design and will be able to answer your questions and suggest the best design solutions. We will also be happy to hear your opinion: what do you think is a modern and powerful design and what attracts your attention when opening a new web page?

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